Provence, France
Available year round


If you are looking to take authentic cooking classes in Provence in a rustic French home kitchen, then this is the class for you! Learn the secrets of creating delicious food using the finest and freshest ingredients in the area from a French chef. This class is one of Active Gourmet Holidays' most popular and for good reason - a warm and talented chef who loves his work and wants to share his passion for food and creativity with you.


A cooking class with this charming chef in Provence features fresh ingredients from the market and the surrounding countryside, stories and history to enliven each dish, and local wine and cheeses to round out the 4-6 dishes prepared. Each class is about three hours of instruction/preparation followed by the feast of your labors.


Surrounded by the bounty of Provence, the urge to share comes naturally in this sun-drenched country. The many varieties of fish at the market come straight from the Mediterranean Sea just a half an hour away. The olives are pressed nearby and give a smooth and fruity golden green oil to drizzle over vegetables, bread, pasta. The wines in the "backyard" are amongst the most distinguished, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Lirac, Tavel, and more. Mushrooms grow in the the hills, tomatoes are sold ripe from the field July through October, and fresh cheese from goats and sheep raised and tended locally is there for the asking.


Classes can be scheduled for a morning going through lunch, or an evening going through dinner. (10am-3pm or 5pm-10pm). Each class includes the 3 hours of instruction, 4-6 dishes, and the meal following accompanied by local wines and cheeses.


Please note that cooking classes including market visits can only be done on Wednesday or Saturday mornings at 9am as that is when the village market takes place.






A minimum of 2 participants is required to run this tour and the tour is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.


(The number of participants refers to how many persons are required to run the tour, not to how many persons you must have in your party. Please inquire.)






Nearest Airports/Train Stations:


Marseille - a full hour's taxi ride to Avignon or you can take the Marseille shuttle service (for clients from America you still must take another plane and switch in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid..., there is not yet an American airline that flies direct to Marseille)
Nimes Domestic Airport - one hour (which would mean switching planes in Paris to the domestic line, Air Litoral, or coming in from London or Ireland on Ryan Air)
Montpelier - 92km - 1 1/2 hours
TGV (high speed train from Charles de Gaulle)  

*Be sure that the reservations are combined with the airline reservations so as not to be lost if a plane is delayed. Allow sufficient time (at least an hour and a half) to get from plane, pick up luggage and find said train station.


*These details are provided as additional information. Please check below to see if transfers are included in this tour.





2020 Fees Per Person

Cooking Class


Based on 2 participants/US$165
Based on 3 or more participants/US$145


Children are welcome to participate. Under 12 - US$90/child; ages 12-16 - US$125/child, over 16 - adult rate.


Cooking Class with Market Visit/US$175 (only available 9am on Wednesday mornings or 9am on Saturday mornings)


*Pricing may vary depending on market fluctuation



After availability is confirmed, full payment and the completed and submitted registration form will secure your reservation.

2020 Dates

Available year round upon request.


Please inquire.


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Please contact us for cancellation policy information. Travel insurance is highly recommended.






Florence and Donald A., Australia

"OMG we have had the most fabulous time. The market tour was fantastic. Some of the chef's friends joined us and together we prepared the food. It was all hands on and I have been to many cooking schools in France and Australia and I have never enjoyed myself so much. We all cooked, laughed, ate, drank for many hours all around the most fabulous kitchen then to a magic table candle lit and set beautifully. M A G I C!!" 

Amy R., Chappaqua, New York

"Hi Jo-Ann, We are just back from a glorious trip. The whole day was wonderful--from shopping in the market to sitting around the table and enjoying the delicious dishes. The chef is warm, knowledgeable, patient and talented. The setting is authentic and a little "quirky", which added to the charm of the day. All in all, a fantastic cooking and cultural experience! Our experience with you was perfect. You provided all the details, always followed up and were very professional. We are thrilled to have found you for future trips and gourmet experiences. I would also add that it was comforting to have someone that has vetted the resources and could deal with all of the details--vs having to work out the details and dealing directly with a chef or school half way around the world. Having someone credible do all of the legwork and pre-planning made for a very easy and enjoyable experience."

Dottie R., Tallahassee, Florida 

"Bonjour Jo-Ann - It was a great experience and I can't wait to try the recipes we made. Thanks and I would highly recommend the experience. Merci."

Mary K.

"Thank you again for making it such an amazing trip. It was so much more than a cooking course - it was a sensory experience of note, with a cultural and history tour included - so much more than what I bargained for."


John P.

"What a wonderful time we had at your house! I was so excited about the new recipes that I invited friends over for Sunday dinner and have been cooking for two days! I'm doing the Lapin, the white chocolate mousse, carrots and the cheeses in the zucchini."


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*In some cases mapping may give clients a general sense of location due to changes in venue. Please inquire about specific location.

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