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December News from Active Gourmet Holidays

Active Gourmet HolidaysGreetings from Active Gourmet Holidays!

The holidays are here so why not give the gift of travel for your loved one? Choose from over 100 tours, including residential programs or day cooking classes if you already have accommodations.  

"Authentic Marrakech" is sure to delight you with the beautiful accommodations and incredible and knowledgeable hostess. Our "Active Foodie in Provence" provides the right amount of foodie tours, cooking classes and discovery of the gorgeous region of France. Our "Culinary Delights of Andalusia" provides you the opportunity to stay in a typical "finca" farmhouse in rural Spain and take cooking classes with a wonderful chef.

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Dec 2015 News - Authentic MarrakechAuthentic Marrakech 
Marrakech, Morocco - 7 nights
Available year round - Saturday to Saturday
For an authentic look into Moroccan life, take a look at this tour! You will stay in a beautifully furnished riad (an authentic Moroccan home) and take hands on cooking classes in a well designed spacious kitchen where each student has his/her own prep space. Your host has a vivacious personality and will teach you a variety of delicious Moroccan dishes. You will also experience a trip to the market to buy your ingredients, but not before learning a bit of Arabic so you can converse with the locals! Your hosts are very generous and will do their best to immerse you in the customs, foods and flavors of this magical city..

Dec 2015 News - Active Foodie ProvenceActive Foodie in Provence
Provence, France - 4 or 6 nights
Available March to October  
Are you an active person who loves food, treasures good wine and craves discovery? This program based in the historical city of Aix-en-Provence combines artisan food visits, a picnic day with hiking, a cooking class and great cuisine all the while staying in the heart of Aix in Provence. You will learn to prepare authentic and delicious Provençal cuisine with a local chef, along with getting to know this wonderful area of Provence through guided tours. You will also learn about olive oil, goat cheese, truffles and wine - just some of the many delicacies of this region.

Dec 2015 News - Culinary Delights of AndalusiaCulinary Delights of Andalusia
Andalusia, Spain - 4 nights  
Available February to November

Come join us for cooking classes with a talented chef in a small hilltop Moorish village overlooking a romantic turquoise-colored lake which lies in Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas in the southern part of Córdoba province. It is an incredibly beautiful region and yet it is still relatively unexplored.

 Client Testimonial 
 "It was a fabulous experience. This was the second adventure I have scheduled through AGH and there is a reason why! When I've scheduled both trips, the ease of the experience and accessibility was a class above the rest."
Kimberly A., Nevada City, California

Dec 2015 News - Client - Perfumes Tour
"Great accommodations, wonderful and warm people, memorable cooking lessons, amazing food at all meals, beautiful landscapes." 
Leslye D., Houston, Texas

"Wonderful experience in Marseille, great hosts, lovely cooking experience and overall really enjoyable experience."
Michael L., Ireland
INGREDIENTS (for 6 persons)
- 24 rather small purple artichokes
- 3 onions
- 10 carrots
- 2 lemons           
- 10 small cloves of garlic
- 300 gr (about 10.5 oz) f salted pork (petit salé) or bacon
- a dozen small potatoes
- Parsley

Dec 2015 News Recipe - Artichokes Provence 

Preparation for all artichokes:  Take off the first layers of the artichoke leaves. Cut off the top half of the leaves left. Take the choke out. Keep only two inches worth of the stalk. Peel the stalk until no more green appears. Keep the prepared artichokes in a water bowl including two lemon juices. If the artichokes are not of a similar size cut the bigger ones in two. 

In a cooking pot, pour 3 tsp worth of olive oil, and once it is warm add the diced onions, the diced pork, the sliced carrots and the garlic with its clove. Add very little salt, a bit more pepper and stir for 5 minutes on a medium-high fire. Add a glass of dry white wine and a glass of water. When nearly boiling add the artichokes and the potatoes, lower your fire on medium low and cover your pot. Artichokes and potatoes have to be of a similar size. When nearly boiling again, put your fire on low. 

Depending on the size of the artichokes the cooking time varies from 20 to 30 minutes. Check early on the cooking status by piercing an artichoke with a pointed knife. When cooked, the artichoke will fall off your knife as you pull it up. You want your artichokes to be cooked but still firm.  When serving spread some diced parsley on each plate.


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Hi Jo-Ann - We wanted to let you know that we had an AMAZING time at the cooking school. My mother and I could not have had a better time. Paola and Simonetta were such wonderful hosts and teachers. We were treated like family. The house and property were beautiful. The hands-on cooking classes were so much fun...we learned so many great recipes that I cannot wait to test on my friends back home. I will definitely be recommending this experience to all of my friends and colleagues. Thank you so much for all of your help in setting up this once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation. It is something neither one of us will ever forget!


Best, Erin S. and Flor V.,
New York, New York

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