Active Gourmet Holidays
Active Gourmet Holidays

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Paris, France - Day Cooking Classes/Market Visits
Available year round


Interested in learning more about French cooking? Join a cooking class in Paris and learn all about the secrets to famous French recipes. You can have fun while learning a variety of recipes in a relaxed atmosphere. Classes are tailored to small groups and you can choose from a Parisian cooking class with market visit or a Macaron, Desserts, Baking and Bread Making class. There are also multi day cooking class packages if you want more than one type of class.


If you are passionate about the regions in France you can also try a Cheese and Wine class where you will learn everything about pairing the best wine with cheese. Perhaps you want to let your creative cooking side come out with a beginner ‘s class in Chocolate or Choux Pastry.


All classes are taught in English by professional chefs trained in Michelin star establishments. Classes area held in a modern professional kitchen and cater to individuals and small groups. 







If you want you discover the many aspects to French cooking why not immerse yourself with a five-day course? You will learn from experienced chefs including baking, dessert making and bread and baguette making techniques. You will also visit a Parisian market and choose fresh ingredients to create a delicious full lunch or dinner menu.


The five classes will cover classic recipes and allow you to discover the rich and diverse qualities of French cooking. Each cooking class lasts from 3-5 hours where you will learn hands-on a variety of French recipes to take home.




If you only have 2 or 3 days to cook, why not try a selection of some popular classes to learn the secrets of the important sweet and savory French recipes? You can have a market visit and hands-on cooking class that will teach you how to create and cook a 3-course lunch or dinner menu. The Desserts class in this package will introduce you to the delectable French desserts. If you have a sweet tooth you may add the Macaron class to this package or if you prefer to cook a tasty croissant you can add the Baking class.







You may choose from a lunch or dinner class starting with a tour of the local market with the Chef to fill your basket with fresh, seasonal ingredients for the day’s menu. The Chef will guide you to selecting the best produce and introduce you to the art of market shopping in Paris. Following the tour it’s back to the school for hands-on cooking class.


The group will participate in preparing a starter, main course and dessert accompanied by a Cheese board and a selection of wines paired with the meal. At the end of the cooking class you can toast with the other students and enjoy a delicious meal around the convivial dining table.




9.20 A.M.or 5 P.M. -  Meet the Chef at the market and go shopping for fresh, seasonal ingredients.


11.00 A.M. pr 7 P.M. - Back to the school for a hands-on cooking class to create a 4-course lunch or dinner. 


1 P.M. - 2:30 P.M.  or 9-10:30 P.M. - Enjoy a 4-course lunch/dinner that you have prepared including wines and cheese board.





After tasting your Laduree Macarons in Paris you may just be ready to learn to make your own! In this 3-hour class you will make 3-4 flavors of Macarons with classic fillings such as chocolate, raspberry and caramel salted butter. Discover the secrets to making the meringue and ganache recipes and learn the art of baking these lovely treats. At the end of the class you may taste your Macarons and bring a box home to your friends and family.



If you enjoy a French breakfast with flaky croissants and buttery pain aux raisins why not learn to make your own? This class teaches you to make from scratch French croissant dough and bake several pastry delights such as croissants, pain au chocolat, and pain au raisin. Fresh out of the oven you may taste your pastries and take some "to go". Please note that you will learn all of the steps of the preparation but some of the dough will be made in advance. 




The French are renowned for their delectable patisseries and desserts. In this class you will 5 classic French Desserts recipes that you can recreate at home. On the day you will learn how to make desserts such as crême brulée, madeleines, molten chocolate cake, soufflé glacé au Grand-Marnier and classic Tarte tatin. You can wash them down with some tea or coffee at the end of the class and save some to take home.






The Baguette is the symbol of France and traditionally served at every meal. Its quality is measured by its crunchiness and lightness. In this class you will learn all the techniques and secrets to baking your own baguette at home. You will also learn to bake other delights such as brioche and seasonal bread. As bread dough requires fermentation some of the dough will be prepared in advance however you will be taught to make all the recipes from scratch. 





A minimum of 2 participants is required to run a cooking class and is limited to a maximum of 5 to 6 participants. 


(The number of participants refers to how many persons are required to run the tour, not to how many persons you must have in your party. Please inquire.)





Once confirmed, you will be given instructions on where to meet.





2016 Fees Per Person

Morning or Evening Market Visit and Cooking Class/US$255


Other Classes/US$175


*Pricing may vary depending on market fluctuation 


After availability is confirmed, the completed and submitted registration form will secure your reservation along with full payment. 


2017 Dates

Available year round. Please inquire about set dates for certain classes.





*Visit to a local market with chef
*Hands on cooking class
*Meal with wine



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Please contact us for cancellation policy information. Travel insurance is highly recommended.






Mim A., Jenner, California

"We had a fun time at the cooking classes in Paris. Visit to market was instructive and makes me wish we had such food shopping opportunities in the US. All instructors spoke fluent English and made the classes fun. Recipes are ones I'd make again and ingredients are available in US." 

Lisa G., New York City, New York

"My instructor was knowledgeable, humorous and kind. She was serious about the food and techniques which illustrates her care for cooking. We learned a lot and had all of our questions answered." 


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*In some cases mapping may give clients a general sense of location due to changes in venue. Please inquire about specific location.

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"It was an absolutely marvelous week. The accommodations were superb. I loved the course, the host, and the Chambre d'Hote which is a lovely country house equipped with everything one could possibly need. I was incredibly pleased to when dealing with AGH. All in all, a fantastic experience that I hope to be able to repeat, perhaps in Italy next time." Anita D., Encinitas, California

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